Host A Geek develops new website for Fraserburgh West and Rathan West Parishes

New Website Launch for Churches :

We are a group of community and spiritually driven people who are committed to following Jesus by action and word, worshiping with vision and joy, encouraging prayer in church and in our daily lives and also reaching out to those out-with our church community by offering our help when needed, our generosity, invitation and compassion.

We hope that everyone will feel the welcome of our churches, please come as you are, visit anytime you wish and we hope you find the truth and faith you seek within our community.

FRparishes_siteInnovative approach for positive results

Host A Geek consulted with Fraserburgh West & Rathan West Churches based in the north East of Scotland to develop a Combined Church website that represented the community of both and provided an intuitive way to allow ease of navigation throughout the website for online visitors. The website has some enhanced features with integrated contact forms, Photo galleries, .

Host A Geek also developed their New Twitter account which has been linked to the website to track and tweet updates in real time. FRparishes_twitter

geek-head-200x200 - Copy

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